Monkey D. Dragon- (Most Dangerous Man and Most Wanted Man)

We all know there are a lot of things running in our minds today about Monkey D. Dragon on his bounty, on how how stronger he really is, what he is capable of, what are his abilities, what he can do more, is he a devil fruit user or not, Is he have a connection with Roger, His wife and many more. I have possible predictions that might be true about Dragon. We’ll try to answer it one by one.


For me, I might say that Dragon’s true bounty now is one of the highest of all, being named as the Most Dangerous Man and Most Wanted Man in the World. So I strongly believe that he’s bounty is a little bit higher than Roger’s Bounty before or even the same . But When Roger died, his bounty keeps on rising so I can actually say that he has the highest bounty. And also having the fact , In the battle of the marineford when luffy’s father revealed, a marine mentioning that Dragon is “ Worst Criminal in the History”. so from that saying I can say that he’s bounty is the highest.


I would say that Dragon’s Strength is still a big mystery to us. We don’t even know if how much he can do. My possible predictions are:

** About his real strength in full control of all the revolutionaries around the world, I can say that he is a really strong man and when it is revealed that Luffy is son of Dragon. There subordinates know that there leader is really a HUMAN , and from that thing, I can say that he is not just a strong as some in OP characters but he is on a different level. I know his commanders all over the world also are very strong. I can say that Dragon’s Strength is far more than the 3 admirals. I think from the characters revealed in OP. The only thing that can match him is either the GORUSEI and Commander –in- Chief Kong. About his Haki, I would be sad if he have the Wind Logia or a fruit that can control the weather. I believe in myself that he is not a devil fruit user. I would be much more happy if he really rely on his true strength. I also have a predictions that his HAKI level is even above someone else, The Ultimate control of Haki that will be revealed soon The 4th one that could control the weather or phenomena. Though Rayleigh has only revealed 3 only to Luffy. We will never know what’s on ODA’s mind. But it will be possible that only the people who inherit the will of D. can only have that kind of HAKI and that’s what make them different from the others. So if im correct I can say that he is the strongest man in the world of one piece and if it is really true that he is just relying on his haki and skills in combat, it will bring shock to the whole world and not just the world of OP but in reality also..:))))

Gold Roger and Dragon’s Connection

I have in my mind that Dragon and Roger are friends, or they are brothers also like ACE and LUFFY. I think that Roger is a little older than Dragon same with ace and luffy. It’s like they also form a bond from there past. I think Garp never know that when they were kids they’re friends because he was too busy working in the marines and seldom visits Dragon. I think he knew it when both of them making the Name by themselves in the world or maybe during the encounter of Roger. Roger maybe told Garp that both of them form a bond also. Roger and Dragon’s dream is the same on how they are going to change the world in there way, so that’s why from their bond, Roger chose to be a pirate and Dragon chose to be a Revolutionary.

His Wife

I think that luffy’s mom is not Portgas D. Rouge but a person who also inherit the will of D. like Ace’s mother. It might be Portgas D. Rouge sister, it might be possible. But for now there are a lot of possible candidates to be one of luffy’s mom

Last Fight Predictions

Blackbeard maybe will take down Kaidou and Luffy and Law with the other alliance or WB Pirates alliance maybe in the future to take down Big Mom or help Big Mom to take down Doflamingo. I also believe that Big Mom is controlled by doflamingo having also the addiction on candies. I still think that the true Emperor is Doflamingo itself and he is just making it a secret.

And then Blackbeard vs. Shanks will be their last fight.. I highly suggested this Blackbeard and Shanks because their nakamas has almost they same abilities and that would bring a great fight. Dragon, Dragon’s commanders, Rayleigh, Boa, Jinbe and Fishmen, WB pirates, Crocodile, Luffy and the rest of his crew and a lot more will fight the Gorusei and the rest of admirals along also with the participation of Doflamingo and Mihawk and a lot more and it will take on one occasion together, and with that fight whoever wins , it will be in their hands what their future will be.


Blackbeard Pirates vs. Red Haired Pirates.

Luffy vs. Akainu

But Aokiji will arrive and then he will be the one to handle akainu and luffy will help his dad in fighting the Gorusei

Vice Admirals vs. rest of the Strawhats Crew

Sanji vs. Kizaru .. Nami will help Sanji Zoro vs. Mihawk will just clash sword and they will be not killing each other and maybe then they will be the one to handle the swordsman from the Gorusei or maybe Mihawk will lose to Gorusei and Zoro will end killing the Gorusei making him the best Swordsman.

Dragon and Strongest Commanders vs. Gorusei and Commander Chief KONG

Garp will not fight..

WB Pirates and Alliance will also help fighting stronger Marines