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User blog:Snark19641/Wikia's Interrogation Room Wiki Pays Homage to Hostess Brands


Wikia's Interrogation Room Wiki Pays Homage to Hostess Brands

Snark19641 November 18, 2012 User blog:Snark19641

In my INTERROGATION ROOM WIKI, I have posted a tribute to the now defunct baking company Hostess Brands, home of some of my all-time lunch box greats - Wonder, Nature's Pride and Home Pride breads and Hostess, Dolly Madison and Drake's snack cakes. This anecdote concerning the demise of one of America's largest baker of fresh breads and sweet goods depicts my take on some of Hostess' vintage baked-food brands, which also comprised Twinkies, Ho Ho's, Zingers and Chocodiles cakes, which were part of Hostess' Snack Classics collection, and Donettes minuature doughnuts.

My tribute to Hostess also includes a Lou Dobbs Tonight segment posted on YouTube. I created a mini-movie featuring Lou Dobbs with my ASUS Eee Pad Tablet - you can watch the Dobbs-hosted LDT segment on YouTube

at and share your love of Hostess Brands every day on the INTERROGATION ROOM WIKI - the Wiki for Gubernatorial Laughs!

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