• Snowpaw the Wild

    Dear Wikia Community Team,

    I am going to do my best to tell you this like a civilized human being. I will not swear, I will not type in all caps, and I will strive to make myself clear, concise, and understandable. I will also avoid such strong words as "hate," "stupid," "idiots," and "liars."

    I believe I speak for most of the users when I say that I find the new look rather displeasing. Here are my reasons:

    • I don't appreciate change.
    • I don't like looking at those colors on a screen.
    • I am having a hard time finding anything on a given wiki.
    • Some of the menus are being cut out.
    • The editing is kind of hard.

    And, of course, the least appreciated change (at least from some wikis. Namely the ones I go to.):

    • The Shoutbox was appreciated.

    Now, I will go th…

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