A few months ago, I learned that you can no longer rename your chatbox until further notice. This was a bit of a setback for me, seeing as though that was what I was looking forward to when I made my Wikia. But you know what? I dealt with it in a slightly different way than most would. 

I made an alternative to chat. I modeled it after both the forum and the Shoutbox of old, and called it the Mess Hall. It wasn't even that hard. All I did was a little coding and linking and I was done. It was a third way for users on my Wiki to talk with one another, and give updates on what they were doing and how their day had been. 

Since its introduction in January, the Mess Hall has flourished, with activity on it nearly every day. The only problems I have on it are users forgetting to place the date and the occasional editing override. 

The Wiki has been doing pretty good so far, and I can only see it getting better, and the Mess Hall with it, as more users join. :) 

Mess Hall screenshot

This is a screenshot from Archive 2 of the Mess Hall.

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