sofea123456 loves her friends she trys to support all of her friends.she likes tv shows like full house and others like that. her favorite food is pizza. she also has friends who play online with her.they are know for her sisters.but there not really her sisters sofea123456 calls them that cuz they stick together for any thing,sofea123456 has her own style witch is girly girly with a touch of tomboy.her bffs are blue smart girly1010,prettygirl cutestuff,and meareno. she supports all her bffs but trys to help them out with fame but its really hard to support all her friends she has alot of friends so she can not support all of them.she is in love with alwaysdjawsome he has bin supportive to her alot and she is supportive to him.they got each others back all the time.they had one brake up and that is all.her brother on msp is cool boy 6612.her movies are short movies and reaglaur movies the most veiws she got on a movie is called miss cut girls lost it is suppose to be a lesson when ppl can make mistakes as sofea123456 perferd it to be.she loves team pump and my beau.she has neve bought a look from pump or her porter girls.sofea123456 is a celeb ( level 17 ) she try to get to a higher level and she worked hard to get to the level she is now.also she is a loyal girl to her friends and her sisters.she has back up acounts but only told them to her bffs she has meny of them.her brother supporrts her dearly he autos her every time he can and gets her a wl when he can.sofea123456 does not force him to he does it for sofea123456,s hard work she does to support him.he knows how hard she trys to get all of her friends.sofea123456 knows blue smart girly and prettygirl cutestuff in real life. she has a bad girl side of her and a good girl side.sofea stands up for her sisters and so does her sisters.