I began helping out server administrations with the construction of roleplay elements of their servers from time to time when I started getting involved with the communities of profound roleplay and so on. As for now it has been mainly situated on minecraft servers, not many believe in which roleplay can be achieved on. I'd like to start about talking about the fundamentals of why roleplay is good as a hobby and also how roleplay can be achieved through minecraft.

Categories of roleplay that can be achieved on minecraft:

- Steampunk - Modern - World War period - Cold War period - Fantasy - Alternative History - Skylands - Feudalism (Kings and Lords). .... etc.

Why can these be achieved exactly?:

Well minecraft has provided the foundation for roleplay involving a "Tropico" or "SimCity" aspect to it, as roleplay would mean the playing of roles and maybe the set up of players governments and dominions too. It has resources which allow for industrialization, it has trees and crops, plants, etc to allow for logging industry and agriculture. Then it has the building blocks for government buildings, industrial buildings, housing, tenement housing, fortresses, military establishments even including the mechanical entities that support that. Weapons can assist with the creation of a military support by industry, a populace support by industry and agriculture to feed and also to buy from to set up commerce (business). Books and signs to name establishments, keep records, it has maps to establish geography, events between two nations involving a history of a roleplay server.

The main thing that is said is "Minecraft? Really anything but minecraft for roleplay please..." But that is a direct blindside to the possibilities of how it's flexible around a catch-all roleplay category. In personal belief I would find that minecraft was to aim around this sort've thing of trying to create a form of co-operative workings of say countries and governments of players on a server to create a unique in-depth fun roleplay experience.