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    Campaign Roles.

    February 4, 2011 by SoniaIslamMDX

    Hello Everyone

    So, about this MCS work I have written up some roles that we could share out, I'm not sure if anyone else has or even if anyone will disagree.

    • FLYERS/LEAFLETS - (Dana has not got facebook but I thought she was the one doing this job, and of course we will give her ideas)
    • FACEBOOK PAGE - ( I thought Vanessa volunteered for this role)
    • INTERVIEW, random people on the streets?, old secondary schools? (could film a few peoples views from phone or camera (added to a disc later?) -
    • STRUCTURED INTERVIEW, random sample phonecalling? getting their views -
    • INTERVIEW, with someone opposing our views, we need have knowledge so we can disagree and question them! -

    (with these interviews we could write up a set of questions and dish them out diff…

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