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Is there anything else to do after my wiki spotlight has been done?

Hey there, SonicKnucklesFan92 here. I have a small question, is there anything else to do for the wiki after the spotlight is done? I mean, should I start asking users if they want to join my wiki? What else is there to maybe getting new contributors?

Also, I'm wondering if I'll ever get this again: "The latest activity on Ophidia wiki" the last time I got it was December 26 2015 of last year. If I don't have it anymore, then okay I understand after the effects of the spotlight, not a total big loss, just curious to know if it's an important thing of owning and running a wiki.

But if I have any other questions, I'll let you guys know!

See ya soon!

- Sonicknucklesfan92 out!

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