• Sonnysapien07

    Linux and MAC Presentation

    Two of the most known computer operating systems are Linux and MAC. In order to determine which operating system is more conducive in the classroom, one must analyze the elements of Linux and MAC.

    Features of MAC

    •  Easy organization and locating documents.
    • Built on a strong UNIX foundation.
    • All aspects of operating system work together without difficulty.
    • Designed to encrypt, update, and keep MAC safe on a consistent basis.
    • Long battery life with advanced-power saving technologies.
    • Compatible with Windows.
    • Supports people with disabilities with built in assistive technologies.
    • Optimized for high-resolution retina display.

    Features of Linux

    • Runs on a variety of hardware platforms (e.g., Alpha Power PC, x 86 PCs, and IBM).
    • Open …

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