This is the first time we are publishing the Dark Signer Times!

                                                                    ~WHAT'S NEW~
              Merfairy war is coming up soon. Dark Signers have divisions, and a empress is in charge of one.
          Please join either the Hummingbird Division, the Lizard Division, the Firefly Division, or the Cat Division!
            It isn't a drill, the war starts soon!! Please join one of them if you can! Very important!!
                                                    ~ Vampire/Dark Signer of the Week~            
                                 Congrats, Hope Frozendrop! You are our 1st Vampire of the Week!
                                   Congrats, Dawn Starmist! You are our 1st Dark Signer of the Week!  
                                                                 ~ Interviews ~                               
                                                Sorry, but there is no interviews this week.
                                                                  ~Events List~
     ~ Weekly Dark Signer/Vampire Meeting on Sunday, Cloud Reef on 3:00 Pixie Standard Time at Sophie Mistyfeather's Garden!
                   ~Blood Punch: A holiday every May 20th when we race who can eat the most blood.
           ~Dark Signer Top Guard Election! Meet in Evergreen Overlook to decide.
                                                        Happy biting! :)
                                       ~Dark Signer Princess Sophie Mistyfeather