Hello! I'm launching a small community project known as WikiaCare. The Wiki can be found on c:wikiacare.

What is Wikiacare?

WikiaCare is a small community project to link various Wiki communities of different types. This includes roleplay wikis, some sort of social wikis, general wikis, or even new wikis, everyone is welcome. 

Cool, but how will this network help the members?

This network will allow users to have various new Wikis to try out, and make some Wikis easier to find. 

How do I join?

If you wish to join, for now, just comment down below with the Wiki you have received admin permission from, or you are the head admin of.

Do I need any special identification that my Wiki is apart of this network?

I ask that you make a small, tiny section at the very bottom of your front-page if you do not wish to see it, with a small image that I will decide on. We can decide if we don't use an identification, however.