Fallout 13 Wikia

The Fallout 13 Wiki will soon be a reality! Most of you may or may not know what Fallout 13 actually is, but that's why I made this post.

Fallout 13 is a new server (technically a set of servers) on the gaming hub BYOND, primarily in the game Space Station 13. Now, Space Station 13 originally had all of its servers revolving around surviving and playing on a space station. Fallout 13 - however - envisions a new type of gameplay, where you play as a role still but survive and make do with what you can in a large wasteland environment. You're contested with new mobs, new types of players, and new locations as you make your way around and try to survive, and find loot. 

Of course, I do not own or even develop for the servers, but I am an administrator on one of them. I have taken it upon myself to make a wiki for the server as many request for a wiki but are disappointed to know that there is no wiki for them.

Well today, I hope to change that! Even without the approval of my superior(s), this wiki will be going up. I've not run or created one before, but I'm sure with proper learning and experience I will make do with this. 

Stay tuned for more.