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    This blog is a translation of a message to Wikia from the German community.

    Dear German Wikia team, dear BertH,

    at first we want to thank you for your support, commitment and the awesome events you regularly organize for us! Together we are a wonderful contribution to the internet and we become - as your statistics shows - a more popular central for readers worldwide.

    But, many problems regarding the support team and the actions of the company have appeared recently. This lead to displeasure and the trust we had in you was weakened. We (the german wikians) have decided to make a consultation on this topic and we collected and discussed a lot of feedback. The point of this message is to tell you each of the discussed points to establish a bett…

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    After the horrible attacks in Paris with over 120 deaths, the internet shows mourning:
    Websites change their logos, social media explodes under the astinishing amount of posts and users change their profile pictures.

    Mourning is shown in video games too: . It says many clans have a black shield and french flags now are part of many player's villages.
    I've found a post in the german League of Legends Forum where a player tells other players to show cohesion and wants them to play fair an be nice in the next rounds.

    As early as a couple of hours after the attacks a drawing went viral worldwide:
    The Eiffel Tower as the peace symbol, drawn by Jean Jullien.

    In the morning of Saturday the picture has been shared on literally every Social Media platfo…

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