This blog is a translation of a message to Wikia from the German community.

Dear German Wikia team, dear BertH,

at first we want to thank you for your support, commitment and the awesome events you regularly organize for us! Together we are a wonderful contribution to the internet and we become - as your statistics shows - a more popular central for readers worldwide.

But, many problems regarding the support team and the actions of the company have appeared recently. This lead to displeasure and the trust we had in you was weakened. We (the german wikians) have decided to make a consultation on this topic and we collected and discussed a lot of feedback. The point of this message is to tell you each of the discussed points to establish a better cooperation as soon as possible.

We don't want anyone to feel personally offended by this text. It just shows our opinion and it should have a positive effect on our trust relation.

At the beginning of the consultation we've started a small survey to see how satisfied wikians are with you. The result shows that the opinion strongly depends on personal experiences - some have received great support and gave a positive vote, some had negative experiences and gave a negative vote. We are sure that the goal of every such company should be to make it's users satisfied with the company's offers.

Afterwards, everyone has been able to tell us about his/her personal experiences and interactions with you. Then the plenum has commented and completed each user's contribution. Let us start with the positive things:

Every present user appreciates our German staff very much and we are grateful for your efforts. You are really nice people, who don't act distant, but friendly and approachable. It is noticeable that you do your best to fulfill our wishes and needs everyday. The joint actions like the meeting on the Gamescom and similar events were real fun and the contests are simply great. Your support team has been able to help some users very fast and usually many users visit the German Staff Office Hours.

Now to the negative points. As a result of the current situation, the list is a bit longer of course. This doesn't mean that we have a negative view of you.

We first want to criticize that the time you need to wait is very long or don't get support at all if you have technical matters which do not quite fit your aims or wishes. Things which are in your interest usually get done in a few days. Some users have the feeling that our request “gets stuck“ at the German staff and if they don't know a solution they simply “disappear“. We'd wish to get a satisfactory, helpful answer to every of our needs. We'd also support a time limit for requests.

Furthermore we don't agree with some changes, which happen right now. The overnight changes, which aren't announced are one example for that. Oftentimes, harsh changes of the looks of the wiki are a result of that. Such things should happen step-by-step and it is important to discuss these changes with the community before making big changes from one day to the other.

Some users are annoyed by the strict following of the Terms of Use. A couple of years ago, sometimes a blind eye was turned. But today, everything that is only halfway contravening gets removed immediately. Unfortunately finding of a joint solution is sometimes skipped. For example: You may remove the right sidebar for your events, but we don't - even if it only is about 1 article.

We mainly want to criticize the changes in the direction of the "mobile Wikia" which are currently done by you. Although it's presented as if there is a decision whether we go in that direction or not, we have the feeling that we don't have a choice. The orange indication a couple of days ago or the huge text box above the recent changes actually were the reason why we even made the consultation. We've found a way to remove these indications, but we doubt that it meets the Terms of Use. More freedom in the "mobilization" process, an improved support and acceptance when we reject something would be wished. Old Wikia skins like the desktop version shouldn't be just discarded, they should be supported as well.

The individual wikias are our hobbies - we put a lot of work and dedication into them. We are grateful for giving us a suitable platform, but your aim should be to support us, not to make as much profit as possible (at least not by skipping the support point). At this time we have the feeling of only being here for promoting your new ideas.

These were the results of our consultation. They represent the opinion of a big part of the German wikians. We ask you to thoroughly read our blog; we already can't wait for your answer on this regard.

Best regards
the German community

Translation: Trollocool