So me and my friend like to do really wierd things during class when we should do work. So we were making these tiny origami stars that are cute as and throwing them at people telling them they "have been star struck" (hilarious I know).

Soon I was getting all sorts of requests for my little stars from all sorts of people including, to my supise, the guys I guess you could classify as an Australian equivalent to 'a jock' who seemed absolutley in love with these little paper stars.

I even sat down and made a little box full of them so we could just give them out instead of havong to sit and make them every time.

One time one of the girls even came up to me at lunch and said, in a paniked voice, "stephane I lost my star can you please make me another" and I sat there making it (i had forgotten my box) and she turns and whispers to her friend,

"I feel like shes a drug dealer and we are waiting for drugs" and the first thing to come to mind was 'Star Dealer'

And that is how me and my friend became 'Star Dealers'