Hello all, I'm Maddy (or Spectra-Sky) and I'd like to introduce my wiki based on the series by William Horwood: Duncton Wood. Here's the link, as requested:

It has pages of the characters, though a lot of it remains to be finished or even worked on. The books themselves are about moles and their quest for peace; books similar would be Warriors, Redwall and Watership Down. I figured that since the fanbase is rather small as the books themselves are rather underrated, that I'd make a wikia for them, and it could be a nice place for the fans to gather and share their knowledge of the books William Horwood had written for Duncton Wood fans, and also for newcomers to read the magnificent books!

All in all, I have written 96 pages for the wiki, though most of them are yet to be finished as mentioned earlier. I'd like to get some help from people who'd like to contribute (as anyone would with their own wikis).

In the future, I hope it provides a decent database for those who have read or who are reading the books. Pages on the characters, pages on the different systems, the different beliefs of the moles, the places and of course pages for the books themselves. And I am an artist, so I could provide more art as I have done for two main characters, Bracken and Rebecca and aswell Mandrake, one of the antagonists of the first book.

I hope you would join us and contribute! :)