I love the feeling of Thanksgiving. I love the taste of thanksgiving - it is a meaty delight that overwhelms by body. Coconut milk does the same thing to me. It soothes me. It surrounds me in its wings, and protects me from the storm. It changes my clothing to celestial cowboy gear. 

"Heeee Yawwwww I'm huntin' dem turkeys buckeroo!" 

Turkey gives me a very special feeling. I don't know what to call this feeling. It's as if I'm nervous - nervous to the point that I start sweating. Blushing. Shaking. It makes my heart race. Chocolate, strawberries and watermelon tend to give me that same rush! I asked my friend what this feeling was. I couldn't quite tell. He told me to talk to a girl and figure it out. 

Maybe I should put some cranberry sauce on the side! Haha (get it)? I would appreciate it if you told me what this feeling is called in the comments section. That would be delightful. 

Ugh - I can't get my mind off the pork. The other day, I was playing with a porkie. We were wallowing in the mud together because I felt like my orange juice told me to. As we were playing, he kicked me in the face and threw up on me, then, he rolled on me. Tears instantly came to my eyes; I've never been a victim of disrespect. Well. The porkie learned its lesson, alright...

After killing it, I decided to go to my room. In touching the door knob, I felt that feeling again (oh my goodness.) This time, I knew what to do. I had a sudden urge to eat some strawberries and drink some coconut water. Don't tell my mom, but when she isn't around, I like to fill my bathtub with water, powdered milk and coconut water... It's very soothing, and every time I do this, I feel like a delicious smoothy. Girls like it when guys are sweet, so I told myself - "Hey, what the heck?" I do this once a week for good luck. So far, I'm single but whatever.

Being single makes me sad. It really does. Drinking some delicious coca cola cheers me up though. When I'm super depressed, I get into a bikini and I pour some over me.... The wonderful feeling of the cold swirling down my body brings nothing but peace and serenity to my being. It fills me with ecstasy. IT INVIGORATES ME.

I should put some coca cola on the pork and turkey. The heat must be very intense. 

Oh no.. I'm getting that feeling again! 

Seriously, what is it?