What skills do I have to survive zombies.

I know how to weld and fabercat. If i had to increase the capacity of a bumper to plow over zombies or moving a vehicle out of the way this will in handy. For those how say we have no power. Oh no what to do. I will pull out my solar battery charger and a set of jumper cables and know I can stick weld. Yeah some things don't need to be made from metal, but i know this trade.

I made a setup to turn shreaded paper into burnable logs.  One day I took some 2X4 boxed metal and made a press.  I take a few handfuls of the paper and maybe some dried out leaves and press them together.  They do take some time to make, but if all you got is time and no longer have to go to work.  Why not be perductive.  I am not going to sit and watch.

I have been noticing whats around the neighborhood for older veichels and things I could use to protect or build up my place.  Some of my neighbors have skills I don't and I have skills they don't.  I would not hesitate to pull together with them and build up a small village to fortify.  I have an idea of stacking up tires to make a wall.  I have a jack and would have no problem taking someone nice chrome rims for this.  Those spinners you bought would look great on my wall.

More to come............

Steam Powered generator

Where would I get food

Protecting the home