What are adminmentors ? I see them in the rights thingy, but what are they ? I presume they have something to do with administrating and mentoring, but what do they do ? And what does indefinite ? As for as I knew, it seems the same as infinite, I think it means blocked for an undetermined time ? And would it be against Wikia's rules to hack a users account, but not do anything, I don't planning an hacking an account, nor do I ever plan to, and also would it be corrupt for a bureaucrat to make someone admin or bureaucrat just because they like the person ? I would not do any of these just to let everyone know, and finally, again this stuff does not occur to me or include me and don't plan on performing something like this; If someone's account was hacked and the hacker opperated the account and performed like a vandaling something, and got the hack victime banned, if the hacker admitted to hacking the account, would the hack victim be allowed back to wikia ? I am not associated with any of these, but I really wonder :)