The Darkest Night part 1

The clock chimed midnight and two hooded men led out the heroine into the middle of a pentagram. A candle marked each point of the pentagram one man pulled out a dagger with jagged edges and slid the knife across the heroines wrist 2 singular drops of blood fell to the ground. A tall man with eyes as red as the fires of hell stood back with a sickening smile on his face. Then the moonlight hit the pentagram and the girl was lifted into the air by an invisible force.

Hitomi woke up the sunlight streaming through the windows which her older brother had just opened ‘wake up sleeping beauty you’re going to be late for school.’ Hitomi quickly pulled on her school uniform and quickly ran off to school.

When Hitomi got to school she noticed there were lots of people staring at her. Then the path of students parted like the red sea to reveal the head of the student council and his deputy’s walking through Hitomi couldn’t help think that they were quite good looking especially the tall one with golden blonde hair who seemed to have a permanent scowl on his face. The head of the student councils name was Kazuki Tachibana. The other student council members consisted of the dark and handsome Yuuki and the muscular Hikaru and the artistic Kuro. These boys all held an important role in the schools infrastructure. Hitomi just stared at them they were like gods walking the earth.

It was dark when Hitomi was walking home and the shadows seemed oddly elongated and warped and Hitomi could hear footsteps that she swore weren’t her own. Just then two hooded men wearing red cloaks came out of the shadows as if they had just materialised from nowhere. Hitomi tried to run but the men started to chase her 4 more men materialised from the shadows and before she knew it she was surrounded two men grabbed her by each arm and another man crouched down and gripped her chin in his hands which were as cold as ice and rough as sandpaper his long nails scratched her delicate skin. ‘My lord truly has good taste she is a particularly beautiful human’ Hitomi winced at the sound of his voice it was cold and unloving and Hitomi felt her chances of escaping were less than brilliant.

Just then the headlights of a motorbike shone in Hitomi eyes and the men grabbing Hitomi arms dug in deeper causing spots of blood to appear on her white school shirt. Then one of the men who was grabbing Hitomi’s arm disappeared almost as if he had shattered into dust the one man still grabbing Hitomi’s arm gripped her other arm tighter as well then Hitomi saw him… Kazuki ‘K-K-Kazuki? Wha-What are y-you doing here’ Hitomi’s words could barely escape her mouth she was shivering so hard. The man who had previously gripped Hitomi’s face let out a curse word and said something about a ‘son of mighty demonic scum.’ And then he along with the rest of his men faded back into the shadows which they came from.

Kazuki bent down to help Hitomi up Hitomi couldn’t help but blushing slightly at the godlike figure standing in front of her Are you alright Miss Roes?’ Hitomi looked up at Kazuki with tears in her eyes he helped her up and assisted her onto his motorbike and drove her back to her house Hitomi was so weak she could barely stand so she held onto his arm for support. When they got to Hitomi’s house they saw to her horror her house was in flames this horror caused Hitomi to collapse and only caught by Kazuki just in time when Hitomi woke up she was being carried by Kazuki and placed on a sofa in his house. Hitomi heard Kazuki mumble something about ‘missing memories’ ‘Crazed vampire overlords’ and then while slipping in and out of consciousness she heard Kazuki telling her to ‘be okay’ then before finally losing consciousness she felt a warm blanket placed over her. When Hitomi woke up she found that Kazuki was sitting on a stool next to her looking ridiculously grumpy as usual but this time she could see the concern in his eyes. Hitomi wondered why she knew that Kazuki was always grumpy when this was the second day she had ever been around Kazuki. Kazuki looked over at Hitomi he blushed slightly but then went off somewhere.

While Hitomi was alone she saw a rogue shadow not connected to anything or anyone suddenly as if out of nowhere two shadowy hands grabbed Hitomi’s legs and started to drag Hitomi into the shadows. Hitomi tried to scream but she was too weak. Kazuki ran into the room just in time to try and grab her arms but he was to late he got a glimpse of two black gates that looked as if they had been made from thorns themselves. Hitomi had been dragged into the vampire realm. 

The evening was getting late and if what he had read was true then Hitomi’s memories had been sealed away by the vampire lord Okita Kanemasa. In the vampire Realm A tall man with eyes as red as the fires of hell stood in front of Hitomi with a sickening smile on his face. Two women with glazed over eyes came and forced a long black dress which sparkled in the dim light of the fire as if they were stars in the night sky and a  black veil attached to a crown of grey flowers. The time was growing close to midnight as Kazuki reached the gates of the vampire realm. Five minutes to midnight. Kazuki grabbed a black cloak so that he could blend in then he noticed a black alter with multi coloured glass surrounding it and then he saw Hitomi being dragged to a pentagram by two of lord Okita Kanemasa’s goons.  The clock chimed midnight then the moonlight hit the pentagram and Hitomi was lifted into the air by an invisible force. 

Kazuki leapt out into the pentagram and grabbed Hitomi’s arm he pulled her down to the ground and held her close ‘Hitomi I’m never going to let you go again’...