This blog will explain everything about a message wall greeting.

A message wall greeting is supposed to greet the user to your wall and encourage them to leave a message if they need help. But what if they are a troll and they leave a spam message? This blog will show you how to prevent that.


Be sure to have rules to posting messages on your wall to prevent spam. Also state that you do not tolerate spam, This way, people know that they will have a consequence if they post spam on your wall. Do the same for any other rule. See here for some more examples.


People live in different time zones and everyone needs sleep. But lets say you live in Canada and a wikian from the Philippines is trying to get assistance. Well, Canada is 15/16 hours behind the Philippines, so the admin in Canada would be sleeping when the person in the Philippines is editing! So if the person who is editing comes to your wall and sees some message like "If I'm not editing or in chat, then I'm not avaliable.", they will know to contact somebody else and not have to wait as long for a reply. You may also want to put a link to the VSTF Wiki so that if the person is reporting spam, they know to report it at the VSTF wiki not your wall.


You don't want to put your redirects and your rules right at the begining of your greeting. Why, people won't be as encouraged to leave a message because all your talking about is your rules and telling them to report spam at the VSTF Wiki etc. Instead, have a big header that says something like: Leave me a message if you need help and I will reply ASAP! I recommend you center your header to make everything look more professional and tidy.

And thats the end of part 1! Stay tuned for part 2 and that will show you a bunch a ways your message wall greeting could look like!