• Squirrel719

    Hello! I am an admin of the Biomes O' Plenty Wiki. For much of 2015, the wikia was abandoned and empty, mainly because the mod was inactive, but now me and the bureaucrat have revived it with adding a theme and the mod is updating regularly again. But there aren't enough editors, there's only really me because the bureaucrat is unable to edit right now, there are plenty of viewers though (25.6k a week!). We need more editors!

    We need 48x48 icons of each of the items, and pages for things that don't have pages, and more screenshots of the new update biomes! I also want an active chat and people that are reliable to promote to rollback and moderator.

    Gwiwer, No MLG in my presence pls. 12:54, July 19, 2016 (UTC)

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