Hey everybody!

This blog is about a new Fanmade wiki called Lab Rats: 2nd Generation, created by me, EmeraldTulip and Susz13. We are all admins/beaurecrats on that wiki and we are hoping to get some new contributors and members.

Nothing has been set up yet, but we hope to get the popularity of the wiki increasing soon. Basically, this new wiki is just for roleplay and hanging out with other users. The club is usually open to Fanfictioners (Fanfiction writers, to be exact), but we're open to having anyone join. We plan to have Fan Art and Fanfiction contests, as well as other fun games and chat parties!

Anyway, here is where you can find the Lab Rats 2nd Generation Wiki and if you have any questions or problems, please go to one on the administrators or beaurecrats on the Staff page.

Thanks, and we hope to see some new contributors on the wiki soon!