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    Ever since the almost coming of the new skin, useless blogs are becoming more and more abundant. Now, I don't really believe the Facebook/Wikia theory, but Wikia is becoming a bit similar to FB, what with the Facebook Connect, the ability to leave comments on articles (in a blog style, and it's only on some wikis) and the abilities to Like and Share articles. (Credit to HavocReaper48 for pointing out some of the stuff mentioned here)

    Post your thoughts on this if you want.

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  • Starman125

    Rant on the new skin

    October 9, 2010 by Starman125

    I just want to say my opinions on the new skin:

    1. It, as everyone says it does, causes headaches/eye pain.
    2. It looks like something for a social networking site. Come on, Wikia, isn't FB login enough?
    3. Not all of the current designs that worked for Monaco work with it.
    4. Finally, it just overall sucks.

    That's it for the rant.

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  • Starman125

    Spam report

    September 2, 2010 by Starman125

    An unregistered user and a user are spamming comments on blogs. Someone block them right now.

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