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  • I was born on June 6
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  • Starscream7

    I had this pretty interesting idea, relating somewhat to what everyone thinks about the Mayans and 2012. My plan is to make a story, as much calmed down graphic as possible, in which the destruction of all wiki sites come due to a massive virus! Now, with it having to do with all wiki's, this one will be included - as well Custom Bionicles, Custom Hero Factory, Herofactopedia, Hero Factory Reviews, Bioniclepedia, Brickipedia, Teletraan 1, Star Wars Fanon, Halo - even the Community Central (it will be recogniuzed as the main source of power to all sites). Yet here's the interesting part: all users online at the same hour will be sucked into their account due to the virus, which is seemingly impossible. The users must fight to stop the virus, a…

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  • Starscream7

    Hey, it's Starscream7 here with the Community Central's one and only Transformers 3 update center! WOOT!

    Now, lets begin finding some news.

    To begin, as TF (Transformers) fans may have already heard, it is confirmed that Megatron will transform into a (to be exact) Rusted Mack Titan 10-Wheeler Tanker Truck! I've got some images below!

    Next, it has been officially confirmed that Decepticons Soundwave and Starscream will be in the third film. Most of all - the fan-favorite Decepticon Shockwave is confirmed to be the main villain in the film! I've managed to get a of his robot mode as well below! Among the unnamed Decepticons are an Armored Security Truck, as well as four Chevrolet Suburban Vehicles called "The Dreads". An exclusive never-before…

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  • Starscream7

    We Build Heroes

    October 23, 2010 by Starscream7

    Are you a member of the downtrotted? The weak? Are you looking for a way to create your own fanon Hero Factory MOCS? Than you've hit the right spot here! The one and only Custom Hero Factory Wiki! Here's the link!.....

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