Who really shattered PD(pink diamond)?here's the candidate,pearl,BD(blue diamond),and YD(yellow diamond).lets start with pearl,its possible that it was a failed attempt to shatter someone else but who,personally i think maybe it was WD(white diamond)and in a failed attempt she shattered PD instead,but we have none or little proof besides her gem placement and that's its likely shes white diamonds is BD,its possible-ish that it was her,the reason i say possible-ish is because of her mourning,it could be she doesn't know who shattered her truly and is sad or she shattered PD and is mourning because she placed it on an innocent gem and just wont admit the truth.last is YD,the reason i think this is because if you notice how she acts in the episode "The trial"she wants to speed it all up and get it over with and when blue zircon says"one of YOU!"she immediately poofs both zircons and her face ad how the trial went we have some proof it was her.overall i think YD did it but what do you think.leave your theories down in the comments and who you think REALLY shatter PD.byeeeee!