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  • I live in Alaska / Alaska
  • I was born on August 27
  • My occupation is a writer / Schriftstellerin
  • I am female / weiblich
  • Storm Serenity
    This has been approved by Staff via private discussion
    We all have our terrible days- some of ours worse than others. Some of us are deep in depression, while some of us just want somebody to listen. People want to know somebody is there for them, and it brings a huge sense of relief when that knowledge is obtained. It is rather difficult to have a better day if you don't have a support system. Therefore, I would like to introduce Project Lifeline, a peer support group dedicated to helping those who need a bit of extra help in life.

    Storm Serenity (Jake)
    Superdadsuper (???)
    Lil' Miss Rarity (???)
    SnowedLightning (Lightning)
    Master Ceadeus 27 (Jolene)
    AwesomeOrange89 (???)
    ' (???)

    "Who can participate?"
    Anybody can participate in this group.
    "What is the pur…

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  • Storm Serenity

    Okay so

    March 12, 2014 by Storm Serenity

    Alright, so there has been a few specific situations that have popped up in the last few months. I would like to take a moment to go over why I am the way I am, and other stuff, since I'm getting really tired of dealing with it. If you disagree at all with this blog, that's fine. Just don't flame or bash my opinions: in summary, be civil.

    1. The "Online Siblings" matter
    I don't just give the label freely, to start off. I've given deserving people this title because they saved my life- literally. I would not be here without them. Plus, it doesn't happen when people ask. It never does. It happens on its own. Blaze never expected it, nor did Brother- and we're currently very close knit. So please, if you're only pursuing friendship with me for…

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  • Storm Serenity


    I'm getting annoyed with seeing it, and I'm sure a select few others are, as well. Staff know that chat's broken- who doesn't? But is chat really our main root of life? Some of you may say yes, and go back a few months, I would have too. There's much more to life than an online chat-room, and there's absolutely no need to freak out when it breaks.

    Who knows? Perhaps this can give you an opportunity to finish that homework you have been pushing off since Tuesday night? Or finish that one application you've been meaning to work on? For Skorm's sake, show a little understanding, guys. Wikia's servers ought to break now and then. Life happens. Trust me, I'm not excited that chat's down eit…

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