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We all have our terrible days- some of ours worse than others. Some of us are deep in depression, while some of us just want somebody to listen. People want to know somebody is there for them, and it brings a huge sense of relief when that knowledge is obtained. It is rather difficult to have a better day if you don't have a support system. Therefore, I would like to introduce Project Lifeline, a peer support group dedicated to helping those who need a bit of extra help in life.

Group Members

Storm Serenity (Jake)
Superdadsuper (???)
Lil' Miss Rarity (???)
SnowedLightning (Lightning)
Master Ceadeus 27 (Jolene)
AwesomeOrange89 (???)
Nathan.Wong (???)


"Who can participate?"
Anybody can participate in this group.
"What is the purpose of this group?"
The purpose of this group is to increase positive attitudes in users of Wikia.
"Are there any guidelines?"ome


  • If you are extremely sensitive to topics such as suicide, please message a group member of your choice, if you are uncomfortable stating as such.
  • Please do not include off-Wiki drama inside the group. The last thing this group needs is a bunch of drama; we help each other by standing together, not apart.
  • There will be set meeting days (decided later on) as to when meetings will be held. The chances are, the group will be located on Google + or Skype. If you cannot obtain either account, tell Storm Serenity in advance and he will do his best to put together a session.
  • You do not need to let out every single problem that's bugging you- only the ones you are comfortable with.
    • Nobody should peer-pressure in this group.
  • Remember who we're doing this for: our fellow Wikians

If you have any questions, please post in the comments of this blog. If you are interested in joining the group, post your interest in the blog comments as well. ouo

This project has been handed over to Shining-Armor by the project owner
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