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  • SubAqua

    Hello fellow people of Wikia.

    We, the users of the most free place in the world, the World Wide Web, have a new problem to face.

    As most of you are aware, we are being threatened by two bills that could devastate the internet and every single Wiki out there.

    The basic workings of the two bills are like so: If you post anything that is copy-right related on a certain website, the website will be taken down due to copy-right infringement. This all happens on good faith on part of the one who has requested the take-down in the first place. There is of course much more to this then I have told you, and its also probably much more then I can fully understand, since I'm not a politician. What I am though, is an admin from the Custom Bionicle Wiki. …

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  • SubAqua

    Okay, I'm sorry for jumping in, but there's something that bothers me.

    The wikis are all communities of their own. People work there to create information, and build on an expanding source of information, something everyone else refers to as an enceclopedia.

    Now that the staff here has deiced to make changes to the whole Wiki, things are going to be a little different. The enceclopedia set-up will be replaced by something that looks a tad too much like a social-networking site.

    Facebook is a social networking site, but do you find whole enceclopedias there? NO! Because that would be impractical(spam and such like my friend TheSlicer pointed out very well). That's why there are wikis, places where people can work on building information, and m…

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