Hello fellow people of Wikia.

We, the users of the most free place in the world, the World Wide Web, have a new problem to face.

As most of you are aware, we are being threatened by two bills that could devastate the internet and every single Wiki out there.

The basic workings of the two bills are like so: If you post anything that is copy-right related on a certain website, the website will be taken down due to copy-right infringement. This all happens on good faith on part of the one who has requested the take-down in the first place. There is of course much more to this then I have told you, and its also probably much more then I can fully understand, since I'm not a politician. What I am though, is an admin from the Custom Bionicle Wiki. Since I'm from this site, I'll use it to create a situtation so the consequences of all that has been saaid above becomes very clear.

On Custom Bionicle Wiki (CBW from now on), the general purpose is to geneate fanfiction about Bionicle, which is a abadoned toyline from Lego. In these pieces of fanfiction, its impossible to not make a reference towards anything that took place in the canon storyline for Bionicle at all. Even if you have your own characters and settings, there shall always be a reference. Take a mask for example. Certain beings in the Bionicle multiversa require masks to wear, otherwise they'll get into a comatose state after a while of not wearing them. They also draw powers from these masks in some cases. Now, for an example, we take Bionicle's most famous mask: the Hau.If these bills pass, and someone creates a character who wears this Hau,The whole site can be taken down because of copy-right infringement! You see, the mask in question belongs to Lego. Someone from Lego could simply tell Wikia to take down their site because a part of their copy-right is in there.

As we all know, this is simply ridiculous.

Now, what I want everyone who reads this to do is very simple: Take Action! I'm sure many of you already have taken action, but in that case, I would like to plea from y'all to take even more action. We are About to lose our most precious possesion on the internet; Freedom!!!! We must fight for our freedom, since some American oldies that are in your goverment are about to take it away. We are the Wikians aren't we? We are with tens of thousands of people, and when we count the whole internet with that number, we simply put are in the millions.

What I want you to do in this case, is read this and reflect upon it. I tok a very simple example from my own site, but imagine what could hapen to your wiki. It would be with different subjects, but the results would be the same.

Please click at the very least the following link and sign this massive petition. Please spread this very message and please fight for the internet, for Freedom is the Right of all Sentient Internet Users!

Also, dear admins of this site. I'm not sure if I somehow violated a rule or two on Community Central, since i'm very rarely on here, but I beg from you to not take this down. Make it known to everyone what danger we face instead.

Anyways, I thank every single one of you who has paid the attention to read up to this point. Please comment below and help everyone to keep the WWW Free.

Kindest of regards

Reaper of Souls 14:22, January 14, 2012 (UTC)