I'd like to report an admin/bureaucrat who has gone rogue and needs to be demoted before it's too late.

On the Cars Video Game Modding Wiki, admin/bureaucrat Ferrari27 has been abusing his power, and the only user who can block him isn't taking action. He is editing other user's posts just because he doesn't agree with them, and has blocked several users without any warning or chance to discuss the matter for very dumb reasons. You may read this thread for more information. I'll make a short list of banned users in the meantime though:

  • RodRedlineM1, for swearing, which is not against Cars Video Game Modding Wiki's rules.
  • Dominowyro12, for posting a picture of a flower. (This user was already blocked for 2 years due to being underage, but he changed it to infinite)
  • Me (who is another admin), for unblocking these users and restoring countless posts he kept on deleting for no reason other than "It is useless".

I'd much appreciate it if as soon as possible, that you'll remove Ferrari27's admin/bureaucrat rights, block him from that wiki, and unblock me, i'll fix the rest since i'm already an admin on that wiki.