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  • I live in FEELippines
  • I was born on July 9
  • My occupation is Aristocrat and Poet
  • I am papi hokage in love with Sandy
  • SuperlyAttachedGlitch77

    Ey! I'm SuperlyAttachedGlitch77 a.k.a. TheGlitch555! 

    Welcome to my 3rd blog post. This is all going to be about better communication in the wiki community. There are some things you should know to know how to handle a wiki community in a better manner. 

    Social Dynamics focuses on the way a group or society or a community behaves that results from the interactions of the individual members in a group/community/society.

    This is to help you know on what to improve on when it comes to their behavior either positive or negative. Their behavioral condition matters to the wiki, because this was made to be collaborative, not solo style. A good community in a wiki results in a more possible chance for it to grow into a bigger community to help out in…

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  • SuperlyAttachedGlitch77

    • Knowing more about Journalism
    • Grammar Skills
    • More Creativity
    • Better Communication
    • Advancement of Experience
    • Advancement in English
    • Knowledge of Publishing, and Communicating Tools

    All pro editors always start as an amateur editor from the very beginning when they joined here. So don't worry, and don't rush. Take time, and continue on by editing, because as you edit, you are already gaining experience. As you gain experience, in the future, you can be an experienced editor, and maybe even a pro.

    Based by my experience, all words are important building blocks, not junk & trash. You are the words' tool. So be careful when either fixing them or using them.

    It is really important to keep long sentences, shorter, but more muscular ones. Don't make the se…

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  • SuperlyAttachedGlitch77

    Ey! I'm SuperlyAttachedGlitch77 a.k.a TheGlitch555. Just call me Gich instead. I've joined this wiki last year, the month of June.

    This is my... of course, first blog post.

    Anyway, as it is said in the title... It is almost Christmas! The total of days we should wait is 35 days left! Time sure is fast. So, Halloween is now pushed out of the way, Thanksgiving is currently in, let's now pull in Christmas in the way after Thanksgiving. So now this incoming time of the year is when we make Wish lists, planning out Christmas themes for the wiki, and planning out for the food, Christmas parties, choo choo choo... Planning ahead of time.

    I'm already hearing Christmas songs, a little bit of Christmas themes somewhere, and talking about Christmas vaca…

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