The Who

  • Roger Daltrey+: Lead Singer
  • Pete Townshend+: Guitarist
  • John Entwistle+ (deceased): Bassist
  • Keith Moon+ (deceased): Drummer
  • Kenny Jones (no longer part of the group): Drummer after Keith Moon's death
  • Replacement Bassist (there is no official member)after John Entwistle
  • Zak Starkey: Drummer who replaced Kenny Jones

+= original member

Total Drama series

  • Cody as Roger Daltrey
  • Trent: Pete Townshend
  • Ezekiel: John Entwistle
  • Tyler: Keith Moon
  • Owen as Kenny Jones
  • Harold as Replacement bassist
  • Geoff as Zak Starkey


  • Arnold (Magic School Bus) as Roger
  • T.J. (Recess0 as Pete
  • Sam (Time Warp Trio) as John
  • Fred (Time Warp Trio) as Keith
  • Gus (Recess) as Kenny
  • ? as RB
  • Joe (TWT) as Zak

The Monkees

  • Micky Dolenz: Drummer and main lead vocalist
  • Peter Tork: Bassist, Piano, banjo etc
  • Davy Jones: percusion, vocals
  • Mike Nesmith: Guitar

Camp Lazlo

  • Lazlo as Micky
  • Clam as Davy
  • Raj as Peter
  • Slinnkman as Mike


  • T.J. (Recess) as Micky
  • Arnold (MSB) as Peter
  • Sam (TWT) as Davy
  • Ezekiel (TDI/TDA) as Mike


  • Freddie Mercury (deceased): Lead Vocals
  • Brian May: Guitar
  • John Deacon: Bass
  • Roger Taylor: Drums

Camp Lazlo

  • Raj as Freddie
  • Clam as John
  • Lazlo as Brian
  • Samson as Roger


  • Sam (TWT) as Freddie
  • Joe (TWT) as Brian
  • Ralphie (MSB) as John
  • Carlos (MSB) as Roger


  • Eric Clapton-Guitar
  • Jack Bruce-Bass
  • Ginger Baker-Drums

Time Warp Trio

  • Joe as Eric
  • Sam as Jack
  • Fred as Ginger

Camp Lazlo

  • Lazlo as Ginger
  • Clam as Eric
  • Raj as Jack

Led Zeppelin

  • Robert Plant-Vocals
  • John Bonham (deceased)-Drums
  • John Paul Jones-Bass
  • Jimmy Page-Guitar


  • Sam (TWT) as Robert
  • Joe (TWT) as John
  • Ralphie (MSB) as Jimmy
  • Gus (Recess) as John Paul

The Doors

  • Jim Morrison (deceased)-Vocals
  • Robby Krieger-Guitar
  • Ray Manzarek-Keyboards
  • John Densmore-Drums


  • T.J. as Jim
  • Vince asRobby
  • Mikey as Ray
  • Gus as John

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