Hi, I'm an admin from Sonic fan Character wiki and i'd like to discuss a problem that I, and a lot of hte other users on my wiki are experiencing:


SERIOUSLY, HALF THE TIME I CAN'T EVEN GET TO IT, BUT WHEN I CAN, IT JUST DISCONNECTS ME FROM THE INTERNET. HOW DID YOU GUYS SCREW THIS UP SO BAD? (no offense) Basically what'll happen is that i try to open up the chat, and it won't load properly and all i can see is 1 message at the top of the screen from like 10 minutes before. and then my internet crashes. I've NEVER seen this kind of problem anywhere else, I've never heard of some chat being so tempermental about how good your internet connection is, I know its still in beta and there are some bugs to work out but the connection issue is just MINDBLOWINGLY AWFUL.

I hope you guys can fix this problem so the other users and i can use our chat without any big problems.