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June 21, 2011
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  • SweetSophie19

    One of the amazing things that I would miss so much about the internet if the US Government shut it down is the ability to converse with people from all around the world, no matter their race, gender or land they call home. I've made so many online friends through Wikia and other social networking sites and I have learned so much from them.

    Another thing I would miss is the ability to voice my opnions on subjects, like I currently am. Radio and Television are already censored, why now must the Internet be? Is the US Government our 'nanny' and we are their little kids? As long as not every single person is doing anything seriously illegal, they shouldn't have a problem with internet users.

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  • SweetSophie19

    I have a wiki that I no longer have the heart to work on, as I let someone else "help" (he actually took it over), a decision which I greatly regret. Is someone else willing to adopt my wiki? (Other than the current person whom has ruined it, of course.)

    It is a wiki on Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario, and it will need a LOT of love; a lot of the pages are rather... poorly written and contain NO information. I will need to elliminate some personal files I have on my profile and ban this user before I hand the keys over to someone else.

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  • SweetSophie19

    Changing my User Name

    September 1, 2011 by SweetSophie19

    I'm rather tired of my current User Name. Is there a way I can have it changed?

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  • SweetSophie19

    How do you make a wikia look professional?

    I would like to start by getting rid of the 'added by so and so' at the bottom of pictures I've uploaded to my wiki, but I don't know what to to.

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  • SweetSophie19

    I noticed that some wikis are in other languages. Example,[http://]

    How can I make my wiki into another language like that? Do I have to create another wiki?

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