1) {Admin bubble} this word is used to describe the helpful users that like helping new users and contributes to the wiki and some might even ask are you an admin? That's what we call the Admin bubble.

2) {smart bubble} the smart bubble is when an user knows her/his way around wiki and does a lot of work and codeing and link any information to users that need help some might get this mixed with the word admin 

3) {Dong bell} a user that's uses lots of caps when typing an sentence 

4) W.E. This stands for what ever users may use this when there annoyed or mad at something or someone

5) W.T.W. this stands for what the what users use this when there shocked about something or confused by something some one says

6) {block head} a word knowed as hard head but this word is used when a user has gotten a kick and has returned still not following the rules 

7) {new comer} a word to describe a new user that has just created an account 

8) A.L.O.L. this stands for a lot of links this is used when a user sends lots of links to places such as gifs, YouTube, page, or an random site