Ok guys so there's been many users here at CC wiki asking "how'd you get your background on your profile to look that way" or "who'd you get your text to look bigger" well I'm going to show you some ways to do those things 

How to make a poll:

Ok so how to make a poll your going to switch at the very top it says (source) (visual) your going to click on (sorce) and type this code in < poll > just like that only together and one you do that right beside it your going to write your question there for an EX:what's your favorite food and when your finish putting your question you hit your enter button and write an answer choice but remember to keep this into the source mode.

How to make your text larger:

So again your going to switch to the (source) and enter this code < p style="font-size:200%;font-family:Arial;color:purple;text-align:center;">Welcome to

but don't forget always type the < next to the code from beginning to last in the (source) mode you will see where it says size:200% if you want it to look larger you can erase that 200 but keep the % there and put another number in front of it and u can also srink it down to where it says Arial;color: in front of those dots you can put your own color such as blue, purple, Hotpink, pink, black and more</p>