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November 27, 2015
  • T&JisAwesome

    Hey, I'm creating an new fandom named Tom & Jerry Fanon Wiki, it's an wiki which you can create your own T&J fan characters and spinoffs. But I'm not good with create wikis, so I'm decide give it away to some Wikia admin user (who, in fact, it is a Tom & Jerry fan).

    In the fanon wiki, the main canon characters are the same characters, like in the canon series: Tom, Jerry, Spike, Tyke, Nibbles/Tuffy, Yakky Doodle/Little Quacker, and Butch, but with other characters added on it, that is, the Hanna-Barbera funny animal characters, such as Huckleberry Hound, Pixie & Dixie and Mr. Jinks, Yogi Bear, Hokey Wolf, Chopper Dog (Yakky Doodle/Little Quacker's best friend on his solo TV cartoons), Top Cat, the Hillbilly Bears, Secret Squirrel, Atom Ant, Gr…

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