aka Sir Nate

  • I live in USA
  • I was born on April 24
  • My occupation is Archery Instructor
  • I am Male

    Martial Arts Site: Revealing The Secrets Hi everyone, I am here to write this review about a web site for everyone to join that has turned bad. This community site/forum has something more going on than meets the eye. So I'm here to break that shell and show you all what's really being hidden underneath, behind the curtains. If you are the Martial Arts Planet Company/owner/employee, you need to realize what is happening there. Your Mods and supporters are corrupt and need to be punished. I know that's a big... No, huge step, but it's for the best and needs to happen. I will include lots of info in my report to support the change. Please have a open mind about what I'm going to say.

    So it looks like a place that you ask questions,…

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