Martial Arts Site: Revealing The Secrets Hi everyone, I am here to write this review about a web site for everyone to join that has turned bad. This community site/forum has something more going on than meets the eye. So I'm here to break that shell and show you all what's really being hidden underneath, behind the curtains. If you are the Martial Arts Planet Company/owner/employee, you need to realize what is happening there. Your Mods and supporters are corrupt and need to be punished. I know that's a big... No, huge step, but it's for the best and needs to happen. I will include lots of info in my report to support the change. Please have a open mind about what I'm going to say.

The Shell

So it looks like a place that you ask questions, find answers, and meet new people that has the same interests as you? No. These "Martial Artists" think they know a lot, and try to make themselves look good by trolling and being rude for fun. They let it all go to their head because most of these guys are 30+ who live in their mothers basement because they have no job, no life, and most of all no self-confidence. They have no hope of being more than overweight, slobs who like to make allies of people who are the same. I talked to most of the common people who are on all the time and they have a IQ of like 70. I'm just kidding. But they make themselves look incompetent by ganging up on new people. So it would be like 5 against 1. Real fair, right? No. If you make a account, these people (listed below), or people like them (If I haven't been succeful yet in getting these greedy mods/supporters banned and getting new people that deserve that role and authority position) will be there to watch you.

The Details

So I inspected almost every corner I could of that place (I did what I could...). Something smelled rotten, or decaying. So you may know what a Moderator is, right? It's a substance used in a neuclear reactor to retard neutrons... Just kidding. But seriously, I felt like I lost brain cells in that place. A Moderator is a person with authority to a web site to ban people, delete posts, add forums, close conversations, delete others' profiles, etc. Depending on what the site wants to give them, those people can do virtually anything. And in almost every case, the 'power' goes to their head. Having control of others gets to them, and they abuse it. But the people who own the site usually never see this because they were, for some stupid reason, convinced that the person(s) was adequate for the job. They should really pick better people, more sane, honorable, trustworthy, kind and considerate human beings. And almost anyone with more than 1,500 posts was so rude, I wanted to call their mother and tell them that I wanted to take a switch to them. Then wash their mouth out with soap. It takes a while to get that many posts if you have a life. But we all know that some of those guys don't. I'm still trying to figure out how they can pay their rent, or housing bills. Anyways, I have met the common people, but there is still people I haven't met, I think there might be a moderator or someone high up in the chain who can turn around the site. They need to stand up immediately.

Taping The Shell

So the first week I was on, I wasn't always on topic, I admit that because I have honor, unlike others (names will be mentioned later). But who doesn't stray off topic, right? I thought this was a calm forum that people go on to... You know, talk about Martial Arts. Well I'm here to tell you, I was WRONG. This place is so rotten, so filled with stuck up cheer leaders (moderators, testers, supporters, etc.). If you want to know about the people I'm taking about, it literally says 'Global Mod' or 'Supporter' under, or beside their user name. You can automatically assume their evil, inconsiderate, know-it-alls. I don't judge a book by its cover, but I spent time studying these guys. Don't approach them, if you do, read their info and compliment them somehow by saying you like their choice of fighting style, or your interested of knowing their opinion on something they are interested in too. Other than that, try to stay out of their way, and don't post to much in one day or... Reveals in next section below.

Breaking The Shell

Wow, it got intense. So when I was snooping around and had like, ~50 posts, within a few days, I got banned for no reason. Thank goodness it was for only one day (24 hours) because I wasn't done with me recon. Why did they do that I wondered. Well, the people I was talking about that had 1,500 post or more, they all have a pact. That's the ONLY reason they got that high. Well, you might ask 'Whats so good about high number of posts?' Well, it tells to next to their name, in the same column with their age and location. If they made it visible. Remember: The higher the posts you have, the more freedom and liberty you get to do what you want. If this is confusing to you, I'll explain a little further: So when you get about ~20 posts (I'm guessing) you get to have a 'PM' ability which allows you to send a private message to another user. The reason they become Moderators is because they have no life and have at least ~8,000 posts I'm guessing. What a nice way to choose who gets to be leaders and Mods on a site who needs REAL leaders. Be careful, the mods like to abuse their power and ban people for no reason. Those people that let the power go the the head, need to step down and stop. The Martial Arts Planet owner/company needs to know what is happening here. So I started to post more and more until I hit about ~160 posts. I don't remember because a guy named... 'Simon', a Moderator, tester, Supportor, etc.( a guy with like 20,000 posts that has superior authority over the site) jumped me from behind and banned me for no reason, and I was in the middle of a Zen forum conversation. Note: if he tried to hide my tracks of me being there, the forum is/was called 'Taoism and atheism' if you scroll through it, somewhere around the beginning of February 2014 (if you look at the post dates) a username 'Dan Bien' and 'THEFOREVERMAN' was having a calm, collected, on topic conversation about the Tao. Then out of nowhere the power-driven man named 'Simon' banned THEFOREVERMAN for no reason. And the ban lift date is 'never', so they can keep all your info and you can't do anything, not even delete your account! Well, actually that what I'm here for, to tell you the secret that these hypocritical, power-needy tyrants keep from everyone. I knew their every move. Even when I got banned, I stayed on topic with the nice guy (I think. It's what I noticed) 'Dan Bien' he is the only one that taught me anything, and helped with my path (long story). I was good, on topic until the very end. The Mods, supporters, etc., ultimate goal is to gain control of the site, which is going well until someone can contact the owner or company. They won't let you get high with the number of posts so you can gain authority on the site. If someone can gain a lot of posts, and catch up to 'Simon' or the others, you can be a hero, you must gain control of the tyranny that those people are giving. That site turned into a democracy. The is no 'for the people' it's only 'do what we say or get kicked off' attitude. Someone needs to take control while the company is being informed. Be discrete though, because if they see you as a threat like they did me because at the rate I was posting I would have higher authority than the Moderators. The closest comparison I can think of is corrupt cops. They form a alliance and take over, grow bigger and bigger until none opposes them. I on the other hand, is not power needy. That is why I'm sharing this with the world.

More Proof

I just wanted to tell you guys, for more proof so you didn't think it was just me they banned. I made three more accounts, with different backgrounds/stories such as a 36 year old man who knows boxing and is very kind, and another older man that studies Jeet Kune Do that like to use quotes from famous people to share with people that pertains to what they like and studies swordsmanship. Both of those accounts had nothing in common, different emails, and nothing similar in any way, shape, or form. They both got banned within 24 hours. Both of the accounts used stayed on topic and were not rude to anyone. Those had used 20 posts or less. That proves they take their power for granted and they don't deserve to be in that place. And want limited people there to see what they are doing. They mostly talk to each other on and on (to gain easy posts, and trolling comes into play). They could ban themselves 3,000 times over with the petty/trifling things they do compared to the people they ban. The people they ban, do little things, but the higher up people don't hold back with the rule supporting, but they can't follow it themselves.

Warnings: 1. They will ban you if you post more than ~10 times in one day. They will suspect you have been on the site before, and have been recently banned. Just cause you know how to post on a simple forum, doesn't mean you have been there before. Jeez those Moderators are dumb. 2. If they see your posts are 100+ they WILL keep a eye on you. If you hit that point, make friends with all that crosses your path. Especially Mods and Supporters with 1,000+ posts. 3. If you want to post something that doesn't pertain to that forum your on, find a forum that is closest to it, then ask if you can post your comment/question or you have a high chance of being banned.

Corrupt Power-Needy Usernames/People I'm not sure if there are more, but you get the idea. (if they didn't change their usernames because they know I'm going to tell everyone their plans.)

1. Simon He is 1 of 2 of the head honchos that i saw. A Tester, Global Moderator, Supporter and other things. He does most of the banning along with the other guy. His last profile picture is a Indian looking guy from India.

2. El Micho The other head honcho, he has as much authority, if not more, than Simon. His last profile picture was a Mexican with a big hat and a creeper mustache.

3. Hannibal He is a cannibal. Literally. He will eat you alive with words. He lives in Canada, 40 years old and I am sure he's single. No woman would ever want him. Last time I looked, he had about 15,000 posts. Wow he needs to get a life. His last profile picture was a nasty ~40 year old with red leather thong/straps and a machete and pistol in each hand. Such a creeper. The US probably exported him for stalking people. He is good at it. He stalked me everywhere I went and tried to get me off topic, but I didn't fall for it. I stayed on topic so they had no reason to ban me.

4. ap Oweyn A mod, 42 years old and a total creeper.

5. Ero-Sennin Supporter. About 25 years old? He is rude, just like the rest, and tells Simon everything. He claims he doesn't use the report button to tell on you, that's because he runs to Simon like a baby. His goal is to become a Mod so he can have power to ban. He recently posted forum rules about conduct and how to talk to people and he breaks this rules himself. Hypocrite.

6. Dan Winchester Not sure what he is, but he acts like a nice guy, but then he bashes on you and gets you mad, then Hannibal comes in, gets you off topic and he tells Simon and he bans you. They have a good strategy to stay on top and control of the site, but it's predictable. About 30 years old?

Updated: February 2014