I hate bullies (like everyone else). But they have this effect on me. I really cant stand them. I would stick up for those I love AND for those I hate. I think I do this because Ive been bullied one too many times by my brother, Parker.

I bet that its not just me that doesnt like being called mean names. Such as: Jack-ass, tiny, migit, bitch, tiny-tot, stupid, idiot, moron, dumb.

Words hurt the mind. Pain hurts the heart. Especillay if its your family member doing the names. I also get Ginger, though I have green eyes not blue. BTW, bullies, "Gingers" have red hair, blue eyes, and freckles. I have red hair and freckles, not blue eyes.

But over all, there is this one person, Israel. He makes fun of me. But I cannot escape him, because he sits behind me in Core class and I dont have the guts to go tell someone. I guess I can vent here, or my mom might just get me a theripest. But I told her, "Thats what I have my dogs for." She still might get me one.

Back to bullies. 4 words: they need to stop.

I bet that its not just me with that one friend who picks on you. Hurts you. Calls you names you dont want to be called. In my case, my old best friend, Mariah. It hurt me, when she called some other girl/guy her best friend. It hurt when she made small cakes for all of her bffs. But I didnt get one. I tried to tell her that she was being mean, but she didnt listen. I told her that when she pinched my head, that hurt. But she still does it. She pushes me. And makes fun of me. But of course, I blame growing up with an older brother and learning MMA with dreams to be the next AJ Lee. But in my head, Im calling it bullying.

Back to the family member. He makes fun of me. The music I listen to. The books I read. The games I play. The people I talk to. The movies I watch. But what pissed me off, was when he called my best friend, gay. Frances if a girl, and she is not gay. When someone makes fun of someone else they dont know, its not cool. I bet youve seen those bully messages everywhere. The ones that say "You know the girl walking with a young boy that you called a slut. She was raped. You know the boy you made fun of for crying. His best friend just commided suicide. You know the elderly man you made fun of for having an "ugly face" with the scars. He fought in world war ii. You know the girl you called fat. Shes starving herself. You know that girl you made fun of for having so many bruises. She get abused by her parents. You know that bald woman you joked about with your friends. She dying of cancer. You remember the boy you called stupid. He has down syndrome. Remember the man with all the burns. He ran into a burning building to save his dying daughter."

It gets worse.

Some people look at this one kid. Maybe the one with a big mouth. Or tiny eyes. And they just laught. You cant just blame them for looking the way they do. It called genetics. Look it up. I know that just me sticking up for the homeless man on the side of the road being beated by a overweight boy wont make a differce. But I know that when each and every person on the planet stops bullying before it happens, there will be a differece.

Now, for every autistic kid, overweight kid, or the one with dirty clothes that you see being bullied, do everyone a favor, and stick up for him/her before they do something they may regret. Make a change in someone elses life, and youll make a change in yours.

One word. Four letters. HELP.

"It doesn't hurt to help, and it doesn't help to hurt." -Alyssa J. Beck

(Someday that will be a famous quote that everyone says around the world.)