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  • TK-999

    Wikia is currently working on a new portable infobox system, intended to streamline viewing experiences for desktop and mobile users alike. One significant caveat of this feature is that it is more complicated to customize than traditional infobox templates, which impacts user-defined customization. This blog post aims to guide admins on constructing a template–JS combination that will permit seamless application of user-defined options, such as color schemes.

    The principal issue to address is making the user's parameters available to Javascript; HTML 5 data- attributes are an excellent solution for this. On the Star Wars Fanon Wiki, we have the {{CustomInfoboxColors}} template for this purpose, which looks like this:

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  • TK-999

    Wiki typography

    February 28, 2012 by TK-999

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  • TK-999

    Old user page header

    August 23, 2011 by TK-999

    During a search of 's oasis.scss—"syntactically awesome stylesheets"—I came across the old classes of the user page header, as the new feature was still not enabled (as of August 23, 2011) due to the wiki being Italian. I do not intend to make further use of the code, but I saved them into so that others can view and utilize it as they wish. The HTML code of my old userpage is also included to assist, should one try and restore the old look.

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  • TK-999


    August 12, 2011 by TK-999

    Special:RecentChanges is an essential special page that gives users up-to-date and detailed information about edits and events on the wiki. Most experienced users and administrators prefer it over Special:WikiActivity, but RecentChanges is actually much more than a list. Here are some of its abilities:

    Many wikis equip their RC with so-called "Ajax" autorefresh—a feature that, when turned on, updates the page every minute to save the time of reloading. It is a piece of JavaScript code; an example can be found here.

    If someone has JavaScript enabled, s/he can also make use of "enhanced" RecentChanges, adjustable via Special:Preferences. This adds a blue arrow next to grouped edits—sequences of edits made to a single page or log—which shows the…

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  • TK-999


    July 23, 2011 by TK-999

    In this tutorial, I will explain another power available to administrators: rollback.

    All users are able to revert an article to an earlier version, but users with rollback permission, administrators and bureaucrats have a fast, automated tool to help them. This is rollback, which can be accessed from Special:RecentChanges and the page history.

    Rollback reverts all edits by the last contributor to the page to the last version not authored by that user. For example, if user "Foo" makes six bad-faith edits and rollback is clicked, all six edits will be reverted until the software reaches the last version that was not authored by Foo. When rolling back, the automatic edit summary format "Reverted edits by X (talk | block) to last version by Y" i…

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