One of the fun things about working at Wikia is that, whatever the topic of the conversation, I get to say "Yeah, we have a wiki on that". Seriously, every time (well, almost). It can get annoying, perhaps, but my friends have already gotten used to the phrase and my colleagues at the Polish office don't seem to even fake surprise anymore when I utter it...

So this blog is going to be on just that – reminding myself and you that we have a wiki on just about every topic imaginable. And then some.

I've been meaning to start this for some time now, but had to wait for inspiration until tonight, whan I caught The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe on TV. Now, you must know, that I am a huge fan of The Chronicles of Narnia. Sadly, I never got to read the books (there's a New Year's resolution if there ever was one...), but the classic 1988 BBC television films were the first fantasy narrative I can remember watching, back when I was a little boy. This is what got me hooked.

Probably over a dozen years later, here I am sitting at my computer and looking up facts that I'd forgotten over the years (damn public television never bothered to do a re-run for me) – reading up on Aslan, fauns and swords and magic – minding spoiler warnings, not to get ahead of myself!

I think I'm going to see the films again soon.

If you have seen them, or one of the new Narnia movies, or have read the books, drop by WikiNarnia and help out!

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