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  • TPI-Series

    A Show About 20 Plush Battling For 1 Million Dollars

    Elimination Order-

    Ghost Valentino (Eliminated)

    Waves (Eliminated)

    Woobat (Eliminated)

    Red Elephant (Eliminated)

    Scraggy (Eliminated)

    Ladybug (Eliminated)

    Purple (Eliminated)

    Munna (Eliminated)

    Bonsly (Eliminated)

    Red Angry Bird (Eliminated)

    Parrot (Eliminated)

    Rainbow (Eliminated)

    Mime Jr (Eliminated)

    Orange Angry Bird (Eliminated)

    Pansage (Eliminated)

    Blue Angry Bird (Eliminated)

    Kitty (Eliminated)

    Pink (Eliminated)

    Cherubi (Eliminated)

    Darth Vader (Runner Up)

    Phione (Winner)

    September 15 2012 - November 14 2012

    20 Episodes

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