Companion cube

It wasn’t the cutest gaming character ever... nor was it the most helpful. It wasn’t soft, it wasn’t snuggly, and it didn’t have big, round eyes—heck, it didn’t have any eyes, period. And yet, for reasons we can’t understand, the Weighted Companion Cube from Valve’s Portal stole our hearts, and we were devastated when ours was “euthanized.”

Luckily, Valve saw fit to release a plush version of everyone’s favorite multi-faceted friend. We ordered one as soon as we found out they existed, and it’s been providing us with weighted companionship ever since.

We realize that a lot of gamers out there are still dealing with the sting of losing their own WCCs. Since the wound has been reopened with the release of Portal 2, we've decided to take serious steps to help some lucky gamers stitch their broken hearts together.

In that spirit, we’ve requisitioned five plush Weighted Companion Cubes from the Vital Appartus Vent and will be sending them off to the lucky winners of our Portal 2 Giveaway. Oh, and we’ll also be sending along a copy of the game (for the platform of your choice, of course), so you and your new Companion Cube will have something to do together.

All you have to do is leave a comment on the giveaway page telling us what you would do with your new plush WCC if we sent you one (please keep it family-friendly -- any inappropriate entries will be deleted). If you’re anything like us, you will take yours on a walk in the park, knit it a scarf so it doesn’t get cold, take it to movies and cover its “eyes” when something scary happens.

Regardless, we sincerely hope this contest will help some of you get over the tragedy of losing your beloved WCC. So enter early and often, and let the healing begin!

The contest will close on April 28, and five winners will be randomly selected and announced on April 29. Open to US and UK residents age 18 years or older.

We at Wikia Gaming were so fired up about the release of Portal 2 that we teamed up with the Combine OverWiki to send Valve a specially designed 20-inch, 80-person Portal 2 cake for their release party on Monday. Check it out below... the cake is NO LONGER a lie! Are you playing Portal 2? Tell us what you think in the comments.

  • The cake is NOT a lie!
  • Congrats from the Combine OverWiki