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    When a holiday comes along eg. Christmas,Valentines Day and Halloween. Its often a good idea to modify the theme to fit the holiday, by recolouring your page background colour and toolbar colour or by modifying your wordmark to contain images related to the holiday(its best to get these off websites like the Wikimedia Commons to prevent copyright issues).

    Note:In the examples the wikis are being changed for Valentines Day as that is the closest holiday

    Making your wordmark suit the holiday can be very simple and can be done without advanced image editing skills you can do this by:

    1. Changing the font colour to any shade of colours suited to the holiday.
    2. Adding suitable images to the wordmark.
    3. A themed font.

    here is an example of changes I made to …

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  • Tama63

    Wikia joining the blackout?

    January 12, 2012 by Tama63

    In response to SOPA , many websites will be going down for 1 day as a "blackout" including Wikipedia, so I was wondering if Wikia would be taking similar action as part of the organized blackout.

    • People wishing to support this can sign a tweet petition here
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    January 3, 2012 by Tama63

    I was recently shown a link by one of our users to thiswebsite where it appears Wikia's content is being copied over without attribution, this looks like the "players" on the 377 Network have been coping over this content for a long thime, gaming wikis seem to be the only ones copied over:

    Wikia's coding also seems to have been taken.

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  • Tama63

    Reporting Users discreetly has always been a problem since if someone reports another user's "friend" to an admin, they are likley to get abuse from from that "friend".Thats why I am suggesting a simple system of a report button implemented on User Profiles so new wiki editors and users who whish to do discreetly can report easily.

    1. A User would click on the report button of the user they wish to report
    2. A Pop up box would appear asking for a reason would appear( see figure 1)
    3. The User would then click confirm
    4. An Admin would get a pop up (see figure 2)
    5. They would then be taken to a Special Page where they can manage reports (see Below)

    When an admin logs on a message bubble will appear (see figure 2),they would be taken to a page with a section fo…

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