Blocked shots

Being Blocked is Never Fun!

is a tool admins use to prevent vandals from editing it can be misused or used in the right way,wikia often receive emails about being blocked unfairly well in this blog I will be giving advice for the blockers and the blocked.

Tips for Admins

When you block someone you often get abuse from their "wiki friends" unless you get a lot of the same type of messages from other users I suggest you reply to the user telling them the reason for the block and to tell their friend to wait it out.

Top Tips

  1. For long blocks always consult other admins of the wiki
  2. Listen to user block requests and take all of them seriously
  3. Have an email for users to appeal their blocks to,it helps keep wiki staff talks and inboxes spam free :)
  4. Allow the user to edit their talk so they can appeal for blocks
  5. Make sure you block the user for the right time limit here are so suggestions
    1. Removing Content From Pages1 day- 1 week(depending on the history of the user's blocks)
    2. SockpuppetersInfinitely and warn the main account maybe ban this too
    3. Swearing/Cursing(Depends on Local Wiki Rules)Up to 1 month
  6. Remember don't abuse this admin power!

Tips for the Blocked

Being blocked is always hard being unable to edit,comment or chat on wiki chat.However if you know you did wrong I suggest you live through your block it wont kill you.Just edit somewhere else for a while.

Top Tips

  1. Don't Complain to wikia staff about your local blocks as really it has nothing to do with them
  2. Don't make a copycat wiki this may make your block longer
  3. If you think you have been unfairly blocked contact an admin on your talk there(if possible) if not contact that same user on another wiki.
  4. Don't use rude language if you have been blocked
  5. If you feel it is admin abuse you can now contact wiki using Special:Contact or going here

Hope this Helps

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