My wikia is call "The Greatest Scientists." If you want the link it is here: It is about the greatest scientists from antiquity till now and their biggest accomplishments. I would describe the articles as short biographies about each. I seen many science wikias out there but I felt that not many of them would speak about famous scientists who changed the world. So I decided to make my own which is called The Greatest Scientists. I think people would want to join my community because they would love to write biographies about the great scientists that lived through out history. I especially think people would do so because most people love history. So far I made the theme and the title logo. I set up the main contents. Right now I made Aristotle but I am not quite done with him yet. The obivious thing I want to do with the wikia in the future is, make it better and better so it looks outstanding and that info is all right. I just turned on chat too.
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