The Wikia header should be intact when you scroll down or up so that you won't ever have to go up to manage your account. Also, because "Notifications" in the editing is being confused with the Message Wall notifications, it should be moved at the bottom of the editing tools and the editing "Notifications" should be removed. Also, if you edit anonymously, the MediaWiki:Anoneditwarning should be seen on the bottom of the editing tools. The MediaWiki:Anonpreviewwarning should appear at the very top when you preview changes. The info about edit licensing should be moved at the bottom of the Oasis editor. If there was an edit intro, it does not show here on the Oasis layout but it can only show on the MonoBook layout. The edit intro on Oasis layout should ALSO be placed on top of the editing tools. And we NEED the edit intro on the Oasis layout. Also, we need Wikia to have the Scribunto extension, and when it says place this extension to the LocalSettings.php file, it can't. It MUST go into the CommonSettings.php file because Wikia is a wiki farm. Last but not least, the Oasis editor should be restylized to make it look more like the MonoBook-based editor and then, make the Sharer extension available in the Special:WikiFeatures page. Now, what are your thoughts? I want to see very good ones.