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    Driving with the windows down really makes daydreaming about making food, energy and water for a PTV to travel anywhere you wanted to, powered only by whomever you wanted to with you? The possibilities are endless!

    lol. It would take a little bit of everyone to make the parts available to BYODD!

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  • Tbeding

    This is probably completely fictitious, but were gonna throw it out there anyways, since it stuck to our wall...

    The perfect time to solve a problem is after a belly-aching laugh. This example may only work the first time naturally, but can be tested any time you experience an unexpected good laugh:

    1) After an exhaustive laugh, what if your body goes into survival mode (due to no oxygen) and gives you an opportunity use that window to solve a real problem instead of figuring out the obvious.

    2) After you figure out that it works, you should have a second laugh come naturally and a pretty funny "Ah Ha" moment. Use this to answer another problem.

    3) For those energetic types, there may even be a third laugh stored somewhere inside after you fig…

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  • Tbeding

    In this new digital age, social media was a huge leap forward in changing the way people connect, communicate and exchange ideas. Looking forward, we see society networking taking over, allowing participants to follow ideas, perspectives, emotion and feedback instead of people, offering a canvas to kick innovation into high gear. With this society networking concept, identity is not the primary focus, its tapping into what every person on the planet brings to the table.

    With the free exchange of information online, participants are only in it for the satisfaction. If there was a society network that rewarded you for being human, we see an untapped motivation for all netizens to participate.

    Our goal is to build a network of ideas that reward…

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